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April 29, 2020 Guidelines: Reopening

As we work with guidelines from the government officials, as well as our business liability insurance, we have to take the correct precautions. We want you to feel safe and secure. Book a session when you feel comfortable to do so.

Because our office has independent businesses within our location, each massage therapist will have their own standards of care.  If you have specific questions please reach out the them and ask any particular questions that you might have that this email does not cover. 

As a whole of our office will continue to do the following to ensure saftey of our clients as well as therapists.


Treatment rooms and Office Space:

-Disinfection after each client in our rooms, bathroom, and any area that may come in contact with

-cleaning, stools, chairs, benches, counter tops, essential oil bottles, lotion containers, hot stones, cupping supplies, treatment supplies, door handles, face cradle and tables

-closing our reception room

-staggering appointment times so that we will not have multiple people in our office at the same time

-After each session we will sanitize and wipe down areas which will take extra time, so please be patient if you are not able to get in asap for an appointment. We are diligently trying maintain the best standards of care.


Clients Responsibility:

-If you are not feeling well please reschedule.

-Take your temperature before leaving for your appointment, if its above 100 please call to reschedule.

-wait in your car and arrive 2-3 mins to give your therapist time to prepare the treatment room before you appt time. We may call or text you if we are running early and are ready for you. If you need to use the restroom, please go directly there and then to your therapist’s treatment room.

-use hand sanitizer as soon as  you arrive in your treatment room

-bring a mask with to your appointment if you so wish-we do not have them available for you because of the short supply.

-stay in your treatment room after the session and simply open the door when you are done redressing. We will discuss treatment plans, collect money and re-book your next session all within the treatment room. If you have cash, we will have an envelope for you to place the money there.


Our Responsibility:

-If we are feeling ill or running a temperature we will cancel your appointment or move you over to another therapist to perform your massage for the day.

-cleaning our hands for over 20 seconds

-disinfect our space after each client

-use hand sanitizer or wash our hands just before the start of each session

-wearing a mask when and if possible


thanks for your help with these guidelines 



gift xmas

Hello there,

Thanks for stopping by! IF you are in need of purchasing a gift certificate and you would like to do so at our office we will start having staff available on MONDAY, Dec 14th thru Dec 24.

HOURS  4:00PM to-6:30PM and  Saturday, Dec 19th from 9am-12.

We can assist you with any requests for gift certificate purchases or health related products such as:                                   *Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, *Diffusers, *Flax Packs, *Heating Pad, or *Muscle Creams.


If you need special arrangements such as pick up, mail out please call our office at 356-8100 and leave us a message. We will return all phone calls within 8 hours!

Please note all products cannot be shipped out.

Merry Christmas!

Arrival of New Products:

We have new products: We currently have 2 different types of diffusers for sale: Aromalizer is available in 2 colors: White or Green $55 this includes the tax.


gren difuuser

UltraMist is also available: Black/White options available: $51.60 is the total with the tax. ultra mist

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