Simply Relax Therapeutic Massage offers a variety of treatment options in 30, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minute sessions. Our relaxation experts can help guide you in choosing a massage treatment that best fits your health goals. You will find each of our massage therapists have developed their own style and technique’s, as well as, training is specific types of massage to provide a variety of cutting edge treatments. Please note each massage session comes with a complementary essential oil scent of your choice.

Each of our licensed massage therapists are independent contractors, whom own and operate their own business while working within Simply Relax Therapeutic Massage location. Each massage therapist has determined their own pricing. Therefore, all massage services are price dependent on the massage therapist, service type and duration of service.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel, or reschedule your reservation of time with us we require a 8 hour notice. If cancellation takes places after the 8 hour notice the client will be charged a “Missed Appointment” fee of $35. In the instance that a 2nd Missed Appointment should happen the client will be billed the FULL price of the service.
This is a courtesy to each massage therapist as well as other clients who may be in need of massage therapy and are placed on our waiting list!

Please make sure you write down your CONFIRMATION NUMBER for your appointment and place in a secure place. Our online scheduling system WILL send you a reminder 24 hours before your scheduled appointment either by text message or email or in some cases both are sent. We ask for your email and cell phone number when scheduling your appointment, if you did not receive a confirmation notification within minutes of booking your appointment, then there is a chance that the appointment did not save and you do not have an appointment. Please make sure you have received a confirmation number, this ensures you have an appointment with us.

Inclement Weather:
We do live in a state that inclement weather may happen in the winter months. Please plan accordingly and look ahead at the weather forecast. We want you to be safe as well as our massage therapists. Our office will remain open unless No Travel is advised.


Gift Card pricing:  One Hour Massage $70 ~  90 Minute sessions are $100.

There are a few ways in which you may purchase them.

ONLINE: You may purchase them online anytime 24/7 at our website, a link is located at the bottom of the page labeled “buy gift card”. Here you will be guided to a step by step process in which to purchase your gift card. You have the option of printing it out or emailing it to the recipient. BE SURE to use the correct web browser for purchases as many times it will not work properly if you do not do so! If you should have any troubles please give us a call and we can help you.

Here are your 2 options:


  • Amount is the first selection, this gives you the option to enter in a specific dollar amount you would like to gift to a person towards massage therapy services.


  • This option allows you to select a specific service: For the best results choose the service “Buy a gift card.“. If they would like to change their service type, extend the duration or upgrade to a specialty massage all may be done when they schedule the appointment. Please note, any changes or upgrades will require the guest to pay the difference.

OFFICE: Buying a gift card at the office may be done at the time of your massage visit or by calling/emailing us ahead of time. We are usually in and out of session throughout the day and therefore someone is not always available to help you with your gift card purchase. If we receive notification before you arrive we can make arrangements for your purchase and have it ready for pick up. Please allow us 8 hours in advance to do so as we all have limited availability. If you should happen to come by and we missed you please leave us a note on our notepad that is always left on our reception desk. We will gladly get in touch with you as soon as we can!

“Regular Massages”


Relaxation Massage
60 min – $60-$75
90 min – $90-$105
The goal of this massage is pure relaxation. A relaxing full body massage that uses a combination of long smooth rolling strokes to achieve full body balancing and relaxation of the mind.


Hot Stone Massage
60 min – $55-$75
90 min – $85-$105
(This treatment is offered by Jonell and Christine only)
This type of massage incorporates the use of flat, smooth hot stones with massage techniques. Many find this very relaxing, as well as therapeutic as the heat from the stone is transferred over the body to help the muscles relax.


Deep/Therapeutic Tissue Massage
60 min – $60-$75
90 min – $90-$105
Deep tissue massage is designed to energize and restore the musculature of the body. This massage provides relief from chronic tension and muscle pain. It is excellent for those who prefer stronger pressure and specific work on certain areas of the body. Special oils and muscles creams may be used during the massage to aid with muscle pain and tension.


Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage
60 min – $60-$75
A gentle relaxing full body massage designed for the mother to be. Special attention is given to the future mother’s condition associated with tension, discomfort and pain that many experience with pregnancy.


Massage Cupping
60 min – $60-$75
90 min –$90- $105
(This treatment is offered by Jonell & Naomi)
This therapy is a combination of massage with massage cups. These plastic cups are pumped over an area of concern that will use suction and negative pressure to achieves powerful results. It stimulates the skin by increasing circulation and promotes new blood flow to the area. Results include increased range of motion and less pain. This approach is beneficial if you struggle with chronic tension and muscle pain.


Medical Massage
60 min – $60-$75
90 min – $90-$105
Provides care for individuals with medical concerns to relieve symptoms & discomfort. Some common medical conditions: TMJ, Headaches/migraines, sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel & fibromyalgia. If you are working with other medical professionals such as a medical doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist feel free to have them send any information that would be helpful for us to better serve you and your wellness needs.