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by in Uncategorized December 1, 2015

gift xmas

Hello there,

Thanks for stopping by! IF you are in need of purchasing a gift certificate and you would like to do so at our office we will start having staff available on MONDAY, Dec 14th thru Dec 24.

HOURS  4:00PM to-6:30PM and  Saturday, Dec 19th from 9am-12.

We can assist you with any requests for gift certificate purchases or health related products such as:                                   *Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, *Diffusers, *Flax Packs, *Heating Pad, or *Muscle Creams.


If you need special arrangements such as pick up, mail out please call our office at 356-8100 and leave us a message. We will return all phone calls within 8 hours!

Please note all products cannot be shipped out.

Merry Christmas!