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  • Relaxation
  • Massage Cupping
  • Deep tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone
  • Ashi Thai
  • Reiki
  • Pregnancy
  • Rossiter-connective tissue stretching
  • SMRT Therapy (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique)

Due to Gov. Burgum’s order we are temporarily closed until April 12. We will contact you as soon as we hear that it is safe for us to open our doors again.

If you have had appointments booked with us, we will be contacting you to re-book them at another date.

Please stay safe and healthy!


Our mission here at Simply Relax Therapeutic Massage is to provide a relaxing and caring environment, with a variety of cutting edge massage services here in Fargo. All of our therapies help to restore, renew and rejuvenate your health. Each therapist will work towards your wellness goals, to help you achieve reducing stress or decreasing pain and discomfort with their applied skills and knowledge.

The West Fargo massage clinic offers a variety of services offered by independently owned massage therapists conveniently located at one location. Therefore, all massage services are price dependent on each massage therapist, service type as well as duration of treatment.

We love serving the Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding areas with massage therapy. We invite you to come relax with us!

Simply relax is good for your health

Benefits of Massage Therapy

At our massage clinic, we strive to provide a number of services for your health and wellness. We specialize in Pain Relief treatments, where the goal is to get you out of pain and back to doing things you love to do.

We also have treatments to reduce stress, calm the mind and bring relaxation to the whole body. Below is a small list of how massage therapy can help you. 

  • Shoulder, neck, back knee, feet, leg and hand pain
  • Pre/Post surgery: Rotator cuff, knee, hip, back
  • Reduce swelling
  • TMJ, face pain
  • Restlessness, anxiety, anxiousness
  • Headaches, dizziness
  • Reduce muscle aches and pains, numbness and tingling
  • Limited range of motion, stiffness, reduce fatigue
  • Improve sleep

Call or book online to start your wellness journey with one of our Fargo Massage Experts!


At Simply Relax Therapeutic Massage, you will find Fargo Massage professionals offering cutting edge services conveniently located at one location.